Connector SDK

Build a new connector that you can use to visualize your data from any database through an ODBC or JDBC driver.

Level of Support
Tableau Server, Tableau Cloud, Tableau Desktop
Programming Languages

Supported By: Tableau Server: at least 2020.1 & Tableau Cloud

Connector Plugins provide a far simpler connection experience and more robust live query support as compared to ‘Other Databases (ODBC/JDBC), as well as a full test harness for testing and development. The Connector SDK allows for the customization of connector behavior, fine-tuning of SQL query generation via dialects, creation of connection dialog menus, and the ability to easily package and distribute connectors to end-users.

Use Cases

  • Build native Tableau connectors (.taco files) that users can leverage to connect to and visualize data from any database that supports ODBC or JDBC.
  • Create a .taco file for a new source of data and connect with Desktop and Server like any other data source in Tableau.


You can use the Tableau Connector SDK to build and custom a native-looking connector.