Data Culture conversation with data leader and Tableau Zen Master Simon Beaumont

People are at the heart of any thriving Data Culture, including the Data Leadership Collaborative (DLC). The DLC connects like-minded leaders along the journey to creating data-driven organizations. 

In our conversation series with DLC community members, we sat down with Tableau Zen Master and user-group ambassador Simon Beaumont. Watch as he recalls his team’s revelatory shift from reporting and automation to empowering people and having insights and how he finds Data Culture in ways big and small—from conversations and curiosity to allowing data to challenge long held beliefs.

The power of democratizing data 

A current Tableau Zen Master and User Group Ambassador, Simon is a passionate member of the Tableau community. He also co-runs Sports Viz Sunday as well as Global and UK Healthcare User Groups

Simon works as a Global CoE Director for JLL, an international corporate real estate company, where he leads a team that helps over 2,000 people around the globe use data daily. He is a firm believer that democratizing data empowers people—empowering them to shift from rote reporting and automation to data-driven insights. 

Simon’s passion for Tableau stems from his own growth in his professional career. He loves the creativity and data exploration he gets with Tableau, and he has a desire to give back to the community. Simon regularly and generously shares the wealth of knowledge he’s gained from Tableau and beyond.

Through Simon’s extensive experience in defining and scaling a Data Culture, he’s used data to challenge beliefs and push his teams to be the best they can. He encourages them to lead with data-driven decisions and with confidence. 

“Focus on your people,” Simon says. “Get them to believe in your vision. Don’t make it about a dashboard, don’t make it about the product, don’t make it about IT. Make it about something that resonates to them, so they can see why a Data Culture can help them in their career.” 


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