What a year—explore the top vizzes & authors of 2018 in our #VizInReview

Can you believe 2018 is almost over? We're celebrating by sharing our #VizInReview—check it out.

Editors note: The following data was pulled on December 12,2018.

Can you believe 2018 is almost over? It’s crazy to look back at the year and see everything Tableau and the community has accomplished together. It’s fair to say it’s been an amazing year and as a way to say thank you to all of you, we’re sharing our #VizInReview to highlight all the awesome work we’ve seen on Tableau Public!


This year, Tableau Public released the Inspiration feature that allows you to link to the author or viz that inspired your work. Whether it was their technique, design, or data that inspired you, you’re now able to attribute it to the author. Since launch, this feature has been used 452 times and we can only imagine how this number will grow in 2019! Looking back at the year, Andy Kriebel, Luke Stanke, Ann Jackson, Rody Zakovich, and Kirill Eremenko have been the most frequently linked authors. Their work is truly inspiring so make sure to give them a follow—and who knows, maybe they will spark some inspiration for you too!


It’s the holidays and there’s no better time to give a little love to your fellow Tableau community champions. And with the ability to “favorite” Tableau Public vizzes, you can share the love all year long. You can give kudos to community members with one simple click (similar to Twitter!) while also building a custom gallery of the inspiring vizzes that caught your eye, letting you curate and share the gallery with others. Since launching the feature in June 2017, we’ve seen more than 56,000 favorites by 30,000 authors—wow! Explore the ten most favorited vizzes in 2018 below.

Visual Vocabulary

Andy Kriebel

Tableau Viz Cookbook

Josh Weyburne

European Cities on a Budget

Sarah Bartlett

BBC Audiences Tableau Style Guide

BBC Audiences

TC18 Recorded Sessions

Alina-Andreea Cristea

KPI Options

Adam McCann

Weather Memories

Ludovic Tavernier

Superstore Sales Insights

Jacob Olsufka

Harry Potter Spells

Julie Sauvageau

The Amazing Letter E

Ludovic Tavernier


Did you know Tableau Public has more than 550,000 authors? With the Follow button on Tableau Public, you can follow the authors that create the data stories that matter most to you. Once you follow them, your activity feed will update whenever they publish—customizing your own activity feed right before your eyes. In 2018, the top 5 authors that have been most “followed” have been Andy Kriebel, Jewel Loree, Klaus Schulte, Dilyana Bossenz, and Allison Montgomery—so if you’re not already, make sure to give them a follow. Not only can you follow them, but check out Mike Cisneros's #FollowFriday viz below to explore up-and-coming authors.