What Really Drives S&P Returns?

In the last 12 months you'll probably have seen at least 50 articles predicting why and when the market might turn around. A new analytics blog has published an app that lets you investigate for yourself, by selecting economic indicators and time periods then using visual analysis to understand the relationship to market returns.

I love this little application because it reflects what we believe in here at Tableau: that you should be able to question data, poke and prod and understand it, and not just accept someone else's conclusion drawn on a chart.

This is published in one of our favorite new analytics blogs, Freakalytics, by Stephen McDaniel. He's been a vizfreak for some time, using analytics in his role as a Marketing Manager at REI as well as speaking on visual analytics and marketing.

Stephen is also writing the first book on Tableau. You can see it freshly published at our Customer Conference in sunny (yes, sunny!) Seattle in July. Stephen will be there along with authors and visualization experts Stephen Few and Garr Reynolds.

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