Welcome to Sports Month

Every spring, for sports fans, two words signal the end of one season and the beginning of another: Selection Sunday. The sports purgatory that is the weeks following the Super Bowl - featuring only the doldrums of the NBA and NHL regular seasons - officially comes to an end with those two glorious words, heralding the beginning of the sports bacchanalia that is March Madness.

No other event on the sports calendar in this country brings together society and sports so closely as the NCAA Tournament. There are the office pools, the viewing parties, the lack of national productivity during big games. Everyone fills out a bracket, everyone catches a bit of the Madness fever. Who will be this year's Cinderella team? Will Kentucky complete the ever-elusive perfect season? Which 12 seeds will beat 5 seeds?

Luckily, here at Tableau Public, we can offer some help on these critical decisions as we have decided to make March our Sports Month, where we will be featuring content from around the world of Tableau Public on all things sports:

  • Jay Lewis will help you out with your bracket picks in his post on "Using Tableau to Hack the Bracket".
  • Matt Chambers, Sir Viz A Lot, and Matthew Cobb will get us excited for the upcoming baseball season in his post analyzing how pitchers have fared after Tommy John surgery.
  • Matt Montgomery of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will tell how Tableau Public has helped mold his career as a Sports Journalist.
  • Merlijn Buit, of InfoTopics in the Netherlands, will show us how to visualize personal skiing data in an interactive "quantitative self" dashboard.
  • Eric Holland, of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will explain how the Bucs have been using Tableau Public to enhance their fan-facing website.

It promises to be a busy month, where we will be highlighting sports vizzes from all across the world, so be sure to check in and monitor our new website to not miss any of this stellar content.

Christian Laettner's epic buzzer beater over Kentucky in the 1992 Elite Eight.

Let the Madness begin!