Tableau UK User Group Meeting

On July 29th, the first-ever UK User Group for Tableau Software will meet. It's been a very grassroots effort from the UK and Andy Cotgreave of the University of Oxford is organizing the meeting. Pat Hanrahan, Stanford Professor and Tableau founder, is going to address the group.

Coming off the energy of the 2nd Tableau Customer Conference, it's great to hear about a group outside the US meeting up. 2009 has been a brutal year for travel budgets. Of the 300 conference attendees, 15 people or about 5% came from outside North America, including 4 from the UK. Many of our European customers told us they wanted to come but the trip was simply too far. This group offers a forum closer to home for them.

Tableau founder and Stanford Professor of Computer Science Pat Hanrahan will be in the UK at that time and will speak to the group. His talk yesterday on Why Visualization Matters ranged into scientific research to explain why humans use visual things to make better decisions and collaborate. And I'm sure the Brits will appreciate his quirky humor.

Pat at the Customer Conference.

The UK group is also planning to cover geocoding using UK postcodes, a case study, and a "share a problem” session to see if the group can help you out. If you're interested in attending, it's free and open to anyone. You can register here.

If you're interested in starting a user group in your own neighborhood, feel free to add to the discussion in our User Groups Forum. The forums are a work in progress, but if you can pardon the dust while we remodel, we'll do our best to support you as you get your own Tableau meetups going.

Mini photo credit: Martin Pettitt.

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