Tableau User Group Weekly: October 4 - October 8, 2021

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Welcome back to this week's snapshot of the latest Tableau User Group events happening around the world. Catch up on the freshest content or join an upcoming event, all while getting inspiration from the DataFam. Not only will you learn new tips and tricks, but you’ll see them in action too.

User Group Meeting of the Week: Blacks in Analytics

Ireland Tableau User Group

Last week, the Blacks in Analytics Tableau User Group came together to celebrate black cinema over the last twenty years through data storytelling. Brickson Diamond, co-founder of the Blackhouse Foundation, shared how data has made an impact in the independent film industry. Next, Autumn Battani, Tableau Social Ambassador, dove into her viz, Diversity in Film - The Last Decade of Popular Movies, which explores diversity across top-grossing films from 2009-2019. You'll also get some insight into another one of Autumn's vizzes, All Hail the King: The Film and TV Career of Regina King, which celebrates the work of Regina King. Then, Chantilly Jaggernauth, Tableau Zen Master, shared the story behind the creation of Millennials and Data (#MAD). Lastly, hear from Dennis Schultz, how the Blacks in Technology Foundation is helping blacks in technology find jobs. Dive in and watch the full recording here.

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