Tableau User Group Weekly: June 6-10, 2022

A weekly snapshot of what's coming up in the User Group Community so you don't miss a thing.

Welcome back to this week's snapshot of the latest Tableau User Group events happening around the world. Catch up on the freshest content or join an upcoming meetup, all while getting inspiration from the DataFam. Not only will you learn new tips and tricks, but you’ll see them in action too. You can nominate a user group to be featured as the next User Group Meeting of the Week here.

User Group Meeting of the Week: Analytics

After a fun affair at Tableau Conference 2022, the Analytics Tableau User Group (who recently took home the TUG of the Year at the 2022 Vizzies), had Iron Viz finalist Kimly Scott; Figma user, Robert Crocker; and Tableau Principal Solution Engineer, Erik Teutsch, demonstrate 3 incredible presentations. In case folks missed #data22, Erik went through top Tableau Desktop feature announcements. Kimly shared her experience on the Iron Viz stage at TC22, going through her visualizations and what it meant to be back in person at Tableau Conference. Lastly, Robert Crocker showed how you can effectively add Figma to your workflow. This isn’t a session you want to miss! Dive in and watch the full recording here.

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Madison Tableau User Group (virtual)
Zurich Tableau User Group (in person)
Calgary Tableau User Group (virtual)
Norway Tableau User Group (virtual)
North Texas Tableau User Group (in person)
North Suburban Chicago Tableau User Group (virtual)

Data+Diversity Events

The Data+Diversity series provides a platform for community conversations surrounding the challenges and solutions to diversity in data. This includes, but definitely is not limited to, conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and actions we can take to create positive change.

Data + Diversity: Celebrating the impact of the LGBTQ+ community

The Singapore Tableau User Group at their first in person meetup in 2 years.

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