Tableau User Group Weekly: August 1-5, 2022

A weekly snapshot of what's coming up in the User Group Community so you don't miss a thing.

Welcome back to this week's snapshot of the latest Tableau User Group events happening around the world. Catch up on the freshest content or join an upcoming meetup, all while getting inspiration from the DataFam. Not only will you learn new tips and tricks, but you’ll see them in action too. You can nominate a user group to be featured as the next User Group Meeting of the Week here.

User Group Meeting of the Week: Chennai

The Chennai Tableau User Group hosted an amazing meetup last week all about Data Preparation. With speakers Jenny Martin and Jared Flores, we learned how to utilize Tableau Prep to do the heavy lifting of data cleaning to optimize it to be visualized in Tableau. This event also dove into Tableau Prep Templates: what they are and how they can speed up your workflow. Be sure to watch the recording from this event to get all the Tableau Prep secrets from the DataFam.

Coming up virtually

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Pittsburgh Tableau User Group 
Denver Tableau User Group

In case you missed it

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