Tableau Tips Month Is Back!

Back by popular demand, March 2016 is #TableauTipsMonth on the Tableau Public blog! This month our team will feature a steady stream of helpful tips—some beginner, some advanced—and we'll also showcase the work of guest bloggers from the community.

That's one thing we love about the community. Everyone is so willing to share what they've learned. To see what I mean, check out these amazing resources talented individuals have already created to help us all build our skills:

How You Can Get Involved

We'd like to encourage you to get involved and write your own helpful how-to guides as well. To contribute to the helpfulness, just do the following:

  • Think of a super useful technique or poignant insight you'd like to share.
  • Publish a tutorial or write-up that others can follow.
  • Tweet about it using the #TableauTipsMonth hashtag.

Distinguished Awards

Additionally, we'll be awarding six blog posts with the following distinguished honors:

  • Most Useful - Goes to the tutorial that is the most practical and useful
  • Most Sage - Goes to the blog post that is the most wise and insightful
  • Most Mind-Blowing - Goes to the how-to guide that is the most ingenious and creative in its approach
  • Most Wacky - Goes to the guide that is the most off-the-wall and crazy
  • Most Hacky - Goes to the technique that breaks all the rules and does things it probably shouldn't
  • Most Beautiful - Goes to the tip that most allows us to enhance the look-and-feel of our visualizations

The six award winners will be featured in next month's Tableau Public newsletter, "In the Public Eye," which basically equates to eternal internet fame and glory. We hope you learn a lot of useful tips and tricks from the community this month, and we hope you add your own voice to the mix!