Good news for people who want to share analytics and collaborate with colleagues over the web. We've just released Tableau Server v1.6 which offers new capabilities regarding user-based filtering, and password and data source management. These enhancements make sharing business dashboards and collaborating a little easier for everyone - whether you're publishing workbooks and views, consuming those on the web or administering the server itself.

The latest release of Tableau Server delivers greater flexibility for deploying Tableau workbooks. New capabilities make it easier to manage database usernames and passwords and also make it possible to dynamically change the content of a single view depending on the individual looking at that view. I have to say - our development team really nailed that last feature. It's pretty easy to define who should see what - no need for a programmer and certainly no need to follow pages and page of instructions.
Tableau Server 1.6 works in conjunction with the enhanced capabilities of Tableau Professional 3.6.
For more information, check out the What's New document.



This is great news.

Is there a "What's New" on Tableau Professional 3.6 -- first time I have heard that release no. We are evaluating 3.5 (got another week is all, unfortunately) , and would love to know what the changes are in 3.6, to see if they address some issues we have before us.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your note. Tableau Desktop Professional 3.6 has enhancements that relate to web-based collaboration using Tableau Server 1.6. So if you're also evaluating Tableau Server, then you'll definitely want to consider Tableau Professional 3.6.

For more details, see our "What's New" doc.

If you've got other questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team or me directly.


Great news to hear. Are you presently working on adding "parameterization" to reports as well? 2 requirements we have are to let the users see ONLY what they should see (thus 1.6 solves this) and to not retrieve ALL records, but give the user flexibility to specify a date range for instance, to ensure query performance is optimized. Any news on this type of functionality?

Hi Dan,

Great feedback – the idea of providing values for filters when a document is initially opened, before running any queries is something we have been talking about internally. It is certainly something we wish to add to the product in the future.



Sorry to jump in so late.... You might be able to handle this in 1.6 by publishing the worksheet with a quick filter on the date field. At publish time, set the end date is equal to the start date. This would initially retrieve no records and therefore should return quickly. Then individual users can pump up that filter as needed.

You can also add a caption to the worksheet in question, explaining why the user isn't seeing anything initially and instructing him/her to adjust the filter as needed.

Would that work for you?

It's a good workaround, but I think something more formal would be ideal.

Especially for use with non-date type parameters, such as departments, Facilities, Types of Job, etc.