Dresner names Tableau a leader in mobile analytics

We’re excited to share Dresner Advisory Services, an independent analyst firm, has recognized Tableau as a leader in mobile analytics. You can read the full report here.

We’re excited to share Dresner Advisory Services has recognized Tableau as a leader in mobile analytics.

The independent analyst firm based its rating on several criteria, specifically mobile platform support and integration, business intelligence features, and customer ratings. You can read the full report here.

Mobile analytics driving usage of mobile devices

For the past seven years, Dresner has surveyed users of analytics tools to see how mobile is impacting the way people see and understand data. In the latest survey, Dresner collected 400 responses from mobile analytics users.

Here’s an interesting finding: Business intelligence applications are now one of the top drivers of mobile device usage.

Email, contacts, and calendars are the most popular mobile application features in 2015 and across five years of study. BI applications are the next most popular apps, ranking ahead of CRM and chat. This means more and more organizations are seeing value in giving team members access to analytics anywhere and everywhere.

Source: Dresner Advisory Services: Mobile Computing/Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study

How you're using mobile analytics

We’re thrilled that so many of you rated Tableau as a top-rated mobile analytics platform. Many of you have told us access to insights on the go has enabled your organizations to become more productive and more responsive to your customers. Here are a few example cases.

Supervalu, one of the largest grocery and pharmacy companies in the US, has empowered store managers and distribution-center managers access to Tableau dashboards on iPads. Store directors who manage large, busy retail groceries with hundreds of team members can use live data to track workflow, vendors, and inventory throughout the day. If they notice a problem with a vendor, they can send a message instantly without going upstairs to an office. This way, they can spend more time on the floor, interacting with team members and customers.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC), a large Coca-Cola bottling plant, has provided more than 800 team members with data insight on mobile devices. As a result, sales team members can spend more time in the field with customers rather than in their offices, preparing manual reports. When a customer asks a question, the team member can turn to an iPad, pull up a dashboard, and provide an answer on the spot.

Creighton University's admissions counselors use Tableau to explore their data on the road. While holding informational sessions in target markets, the admissions staff can dig into the data on their iPads and answer students’ questions.

Tableau’s innovations in the mobile space

At Tableau, we know that mobile is a key driver in helping people be productive, and we’re growing our investment in making understanding data on mobile devices a delightful experience. In the past year, we shipped a brand new mobile app for iOS as part our Tableau 9.1 release, and an Android app is planned for Tableau 10.

At last year’s Tableau Conference, we launched a free app called Vizable, which turns your data into beautiful interactive graphs that can be shared right from your iPad. And earlier this year, we added a sharing feature in Vizable 1.2. We were humbled by the five-star reviews and the reaction across the industry, including being featured as a top productivity app by Apple!

What’s next?

As you know, we value your input here at Tableau. As we continue our mobile development, share with us your mobile plans, use cases, and pain points. Submit your ideas for new features and vote them up on the Ideas forum. And sign up for our Tableau Mobile beta program to test-drive pre-release versions of our products.