Vizable 1.2: The journey continues with collaboration

Today I have great news: Vizable 1.2 is now available in the App Store! I’ll tell you more about the new features below, but I first want to share a few thoughts on why we launched Vizable and how it’s been going so far.

A little over three months ago, we launched Vizable for the iPad to make data analysis more fun and approachable than ever. Vizable is for everyone, whether you’re a small business owner, a student, or a CEO. And it looks like you’re loving Vizable as much as we do! Since launch, tens of thousands of you have downloaded and used it to explore your own data, exceeding our hopes for a brand-new category of app.

You see, even with a million apps available in Apple’s iTunes Store, we felt there was no great app to see and understand data on a tablet. Since launch, you’ve been showing us how you’ve uncovered insights in seconds using native-touch gestures. We wanted to reach even more people, and we’ve been thrilled to see kids of all ages using Vizable to see and understand data. Here’s one:

Your overwhelmingly-positive feedback has inspired us to work even harder. We launched Vizable 1.1 in November, adding support for portrait layouts, multitasking, and the iPad Pro. We were humbled by your five-star reviews and the reaction across the industry, including being featured as a top productivity app by Apple!

The best part is we’re just getting started. During our last hackathon day, the team tackled some of your top feature requests. What resulted are the features we’ve included in Vizable 1.2.

I’m most excited about our new sharing feature: You can now share an interactive view with friends and colleagues so they can ask and answer their own questions. They can open up your Viz file and start right where you left off.

We’ve also added two features for easier in-depth analysis. The new percent-of-total calculation will make it easier to do parts-of-a-whole analysis.

And Vizable now includes search and a new filtering experience. A quick swipe lets you filter on one specific category item, letting you dive deep into your data with greater ease.

We are already working on Vizable 1.3, which is coming soon. We want to bring you more ways to answer questions and more ways to connect to data with new features we think you’ll love.

Speaking of love, we love reading and responding to every word you write on our forums. If you haven’t already, please engage with us on the Vizable World community forum. The Vizable team reads all your feedback daily.

Thank you for all your input and support. Enjoy Vizable 1.2, and here’s to a great 2016!

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