Tableau Customer Conference Sold Out!

Wow - it was a very busy June. Thanks to our fantastic customers, the generous people who've agreed to speak and a great Seattle location, we've sold out attendance at the first-ever Tableau Customer conference! We expect an amazing event July 20-22, from the opening cocktail reception Sunday to the closing lunch Tuesday. While all the details are available at, highlights of the conference include:

  • 9 customers speaking directly about their use and experience of analytics, data visualization and Tableau
  • 6 hands-on training sessions - bring your laptop or use ours
  • 3 Tableau "doctors" available to answer your specific data or software questions
  • 4 amazing keynotes including vision from CEO & co-founder Christian Chabot, the unveiling of Tableau 4.0 from VP Engineering & co-founder Chris Stolte, visualization techniques from famed expert Stephen Few and insight on the future of visualiztion from CTO & co-founder Professor Pat Hanrahan
  • 1 session learning as Stephen Few and Jock Mackinlay spontaneously give real-time advice for improving your visualizations
  • 11 interactive knowledge-sharing lectures from Tableau experts
  • 3+ hours at the Seattle Aquarium for a launch party - including 4 wines of the Northwest for tasting!
  • 2 post-conference workshops including a visualization training double-feature and a session on undocumented Tableau
  • 2 hours of open hands-on training after the conference officially ends
  • 1 baseball game in the Seattle sun (we hope) watching the Seattle Mariners vs the Cleveland Indians
  • 50-plus Tableau staff working to make sure all attendees learn a lot and have a great time!

If you're joining us in just 2 weeks, we hope you're as excited as we are. If you couldn't make this conference, we promise we'll have lots of highlights to share. And there's always next year!

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