Tableau 2024.2 Release Now Available: Einstein Copilot for Tableau, Multi-fact Relationships, Viz Extensions, and Embedding for Pulse

Create with data in new ways and explore data with an AI assistant in Tableau.

We're excited to announce the release of Tableau 2024.2 for Server and Cloud deployments. The latest version of Tableau brings AI into your analytics journey.

Einstein Copilot for Tableau

Einstein Copilot for Tableau is a trusted AI assistant that helps you uncover trends and explore data faster in every stage of the analysis journey from data preparation to visualization. Whether you're an experienced data analyst or just starting your journey in data exploration, Einstein Copilot for Tableau augments your Tableau experience to make analytics more accessible so everyone can unlock insights and make informed decisions with confidence. Specifically, Einstein Copilot for Tableau will be available with Tableau+ for the following: Prep, Catalog, and Web Authoring.

Einstein Copilot for Tableau: Prep

Coming in July

Remove barriers to preparing your data with Einstein Copilot. Simply describe a calculation in the dialog box and Einstein will interpret your description and return a calculation that you can apply to your data, allowing you to add powerful calculated fields for your Prep flows. Previously, creating formulas for calculated fields required a deep understanding of objects, fields, functions, and limitations. Now, Einstein simplifies the task by allowing both technical and non-technical users to easily create calculations using natural language, making data preparation faster and easier for analysis.

Einstein Copilot for Tableau: Catalog

Coming in July

Harness the power of Einstein Copilot to effortlessly produce comprehensive descriptions for your datasources, workbooks, and tables in one click. The “Draft for Me” button prompts Einstein to generate a description of your data assets based on attributes found in your data source, which you can then review to make any modifications and publish to boost discoverability and establish trust in your data. These AI-generated descriptions not only save you time, but also provide a consistent and informative way to convey the purpose and content of your data assets. 

Einstein Copilot for Tableau: Web Authoring

Coming in August

Einstein Copilot for Tableau is your trusted assistant for exploring your data using natural language directly from Tableau Cloud Web Authoring.With Einstein, transform prompts into visualizations, formulate calculations to enhance your analysis, and get recommended questions based on your data. Einstein Copilot for Tableau will work with you, so you can move freely between manual drag and drop actions and formula editing to communicating requests with Einstein.

Multi-Fact Relationships

Perform multi-fact analysis easily with comprehensive data models using Multi-Fact Relationships. Analysts can bring in disparate datasets and relate them with common tables that have shared dimensions, such as geography and time, so they can perform multi-fact analysis.  Tableau provides analytic guidance through infoscenting and tooltips on how to leverage the underlying data model.

Viz Extensions

Bring your own viz type and easily expand your viz library with Viz Extensions. Found on Tableau Exchange, developed by Tableau or by Partners, Viz Extensions open up creative visual presentation. Developers can also build their own Viz Extensions specific to their own community practices and needs.

Embedding for Pulse

The Tableau Pulse web component allows you to embed the insight exploration page into your application. Users can provide a ‘presentation mode’ so the metric is best presented on a full page, or several metrics can be presented as cards together. Using the Embedded Pulse Component, viewers within the organization can get the power of Pulse (rich insights about metrics along with an interactive Q&A experience) all within the customer’s internal application, significantly increasing business user engagement with data.

Improvements for IT and Developers

In addition to our features for exploring your data, we have enhancements that make it simpler to deploy Tableau across your company to people with different needs.

Apple Silicon

Tableau now runs natively on Apple machines, giving you a powerfully improved experience. In addition to performance boosts, Tableau is now more reliable on the new chipset. As a result, there'll be two Mac options available on the download page and changes to some connector availability.

Subrange Extract Refreshes

Reduce costs associated with full extract when you just need to refresh a far smaller subset of the data for a definable timeframe. Subrange Extract Refreshes allows you to set a date range to refresh on incremental refreshes, keeping data fresh while reducing costs and time to refresh extracts.

Data Connect

With Data Connect, we share the responsibility of deploying, monitoring, and managing Tableau Bridge, the software required to bring on-premise or private cloud data into Tableau Cloud. Reduce administrative responsibilities, enhance data agility, and synchronize data for real-time insights.

Community-Driven Innovation in 2024.2

Thank you DataFam for inspiring, voting for, and sharing with us about the features released in 2024.2! This update partially or fully addressed 34 ideas with 13,690 points in the forums, including Sankey Diagram, SpellcheckApple Silicon, and Incremental Refresh.

We’ve also been hard at work responding to your ideas on the forums and have updated a total 851 ideas since February 2024—on our goal to update more than 2,000 ideas over the year. Learn more about our community-driven innovation process, and how you can submit ideas to the community forums, in our blog post.