Three nifty data visualizations

Some time ago, we asked our readers to suggest interesting data visualizations in their own blogs that might be of interest to a wider audience. We received quite a few submissions, but there were three that really stood out.

Our favorite post comes from Tim's Data Blog, courtesy of Tim Graham. Where Does It Hurt? is a disturbingly detailed visualization of all Tim's aches and pains over the period of five months. There's even an animated version. Thanks for sharing, Tim, we hope you get well soon.

Damon Cortesi presents 10 Crazy Favoriting Twitter Users posted at DCortesi . blog. Perhaps we're a little biased, as he did use Tableau's data visualization software for his graphs, but it's hard to dispute the coolness of seeing all that Twitter data graphically. Who would have guessed that more friends lead to fewer favorites? Damon does mention the Twitter 2k Effect that he analyzed in a separate post, though his conclusions in this case it may just be an artifact of the density of data points. We're open to further discussion.

And finally, Kim Rees from Periscopic presents State of the Salmon: Sockeye a visual analysis they performed for State of the Salmon, saying, "It's a visualization that covers the IUCN assessment of sockeye salmon. About 35% of the salmon populations assessed are at threat for extinction. This visualization allows the user to explore the historical and hydrographic data that led to this discovery." The historical data explorer has some particularly cool interactive graphics, though a little more commentary would make it more consumable. The hydrography map view is particularly cool as well.

Thanks to all our contributors! If you've got an interesting visualization you'd like to share, send it to us for inclusion in a future post.

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