Meet our Tableau TEN-ured community members!

There's something special about the number ten. Sure, it's only got one more digit than nine, but that digit makes a world of difference. Tableau 10 is big! It's an exciting milestone for us, and we couldn't have gotten there without you, our incredible community.

There's something special about the number ten. Sure, it's only got one more digit than nine, but that digit makes a world of difference.

Tableau 10 is big! It's an exciting milestone for us, and we couldn't have gotten there without you, our incredible community.

To celebrate, we’d like to highlight some of the important milestones that are happening all around the Tableau community. We chatted with 16 community members who are each celebrating an important milestone in his or her Tableau journey.

They are, as we like to say, Tableau TEN-ured! And we’re excited to share their stories.

Sean Miller: Tableau TEN-ured for 1 Year

Sean Miller

TEN-ured for 1 year

Sean works in the population-health space for one of the largest healthcare IT companies in the world. By day, he’s a Tableau Desktop analyst and by night, he builds Tableau Public vizzes.

Susan Martucci: Tableau TEN-ured for 1 Year

Susan Martucci

TEN-ured for 1 year

Susan is a program manager and volunteer coordinator for FIRST Washington, an organization dedicated to inspiring future technology leaders. She enjoys managing the FIRST LEGO Leagues, and is excited to see her organization become more data-driven.

David Pires: Tableau TEN-ured for 2 Years

David Pires

TEN-ured for 2 years

A principal consultant at CACI, David discovered Tableau a couple of years ago and recently became a Tableau Social Ambassador. Now living in London, David misses the sun and food of Portugal, his home.

Fi Gordon: Tableau TEN-ured for 2 Years

Fi Gordon

TEN-ured for 2 years

Fiona (Fi) Gordon is a newly-appointed Tableau Social Ambassador. A passionate mentor, trainer, and blogger, Fi has more than 15 years of experience in the data industry. She currently manages an enterprise business-intelligence team.

Derrick Austin: Tableau TEN-ured for 3 Years

Derrick Austin

TEN-ured for 3 years

A business-intelligence consultant at InterWorks and brand-new Tableau Community Ambassador, Derrick loves finding new ways of using Tableau. He enjoys getting technical with tools like the JavaScript API, but is also excited about the slick new colors in Tableau 10.

Adam Crahen: Tableau TEN-ured for 3 Years

Adam Crahen

TEN-ured for 3 years

Adam is an active blogger and mountain biker living in upstate New York. Recently named a Tableau Social Ambassador, he enjoys visualizing just about any data set to try out new techniques and tricks.

Andrew Duncan: Tableau TEN-ured for 4 Years

Andrew Duncan

TEN-ured for 4 years

With a degree in English literature, Andrew works in the healthcare industry as a systems analyst and Tableau “vizard.” Both an artist and a data analyst, he enjoys traveling, playing music, and writing.

Cathy Bridges: Tableau TEN-ured for 5 Years

Cathy Bridges

TEN-ured for 5 years

In 2011, Cathy reverse-engineered her first Tableau workbook and has been hooked ever since. These days, she beta-tests and contributes to both the Tableau and Alteryx communities.

Russell Spangler: Tableau TEN-ured for 6 Years

Russell Spangler

TEN-ured for 6 years

Russell has been using Tableau for over six years and is known for his food-related Tableau Public creations. This year, he’ll be competing in the Iron Viz Championship at Tableau Conference.

Toby Erkson: Tableau TEN-ured for 6½ Years

Toby Erkson

TEN-ured for 6½ years

Toby began his career in the early days of business intelligence and now works as a Tableau Server admin. A Tableau Community Ambassador, he enjoys restoring classic Volkswagens in his free time.

Michael Mixon: Tableau TEN-ured for 7 Years

Michael Mixon

TEN-ured for 7 years

Michael manages a small team of analysts for the sales-operations team at Seagate Technology. Outside of work, he’s a father of three, an amateur photographer, and a frequent contributor to Makeover Monday.

Yuri Fal: Tableau TEN-ured for 8 Years

Yuri Fal

TEN-ured for 8 years

Yuri got immersed in computers from the early days of the internet, and started exploring data viz in 2007. Recently named a Tableau Community Ambassador, Yuri works at ANALYTIKA PLUS.

Trina Arnett: Tableau TEN-ured for 8 Years

Trina Arnett

TEN-ured for 8 years

Founder of trinalytics, Trina is passionate about integrating data from a variety of sources to fully understand a client’s business. Her favorite Tableau 10 feature is cross-database joins, and she’s constantly on the search for new data sources.

Michael Cristiani: Tableau TEN-ured for 9 Years

Michael Cristiani

TEN-ured for 9 years

Michael is a managing consultant at the Lewin Group, where he coaches a talented team of Tableau specialists in health and human services. He is passionate about using data visualizations to better understand the world.

Arun Kulasekaran: Tableau TEN-ured for 9 Years

Arun Kulasekaran

TEN-ured for 9 years

Arun is the co-founder of Cookie Analytix. With almost a decade of experience in Tableau, he’s handled multiple projects to help clients make better use of their data.

Katherine Peterson: Tableau TEN-ured for More Than 10 Years

Katherine Peterson

TEN-ured for more than 10 years

As a scientist working in the genomics space, Katherine first came across Tableau while looking for a powerful data-viz tool. Now, over a decade later, she is still having fun visualizing data.

No matter how long you've been using Tableau, we want you to join the celebration. Download this social media profile badge to tell the world that you are Tableau TEN-ured. Then use #Tableau10 on Twitter or the Tableau Community Forums to share:

  1. How long you've been using Tableau
  2. Your favorite feature that's been around since you started using Tableau
  3. Your favorite new feature in Tableau 10

We can't wait to see your responses! And who knows, maybe the Tableau Social Media Ambassadors will be choosing their favorite posts for a little swag giveaway...