Learning by Example - Real Data Visualizations with Real Data Now Available

If you're like most people, one way you like to learn new stuff is by example. So recently several people at Tableau Software put together over 40 different examples of data visualizations based on many different types of data. Each is accompanied by a Tableau packaged workbook which contains additional visualizations and the data behind them. Everything is available as free downloads.

One way to view these visualizations is to use just your browser. You'll be able to view the viz and read a little about each scenario. But, a much more interesting thing to do is to find a visual example you really like, download the associated Tableau packaged workbook and use Tableau Desktop to view, edit, filter and interact with the visualizations or to create your own. Get a free time-based trial of Desktop if you don't already have it. Or, use our free application, Tableau Reader, which will let you view, filter and interact with the workbook.

The cool thing is not only will you learn more about business analytics and interactive data visualization, you'll also find some very interesting and useful information. For example, did you know...

+ over the last 50 years, the destructive potential of hurricanes has increased as sea surface temperatures have increased?

+ Idaho seems to have the largest population of black bears early on, but experiences a major population decrease in 1972?

+ the largest numbers of people who watch both Fox News Channel and CNN tend to be moderate Democrats, conservative Republicans and moderate Independents?

+ energy prices between 1982 and 2003 have typically stayed much lower than other goods but have risen dramatically since 2003?

Anyway, we hope you get a chance to enjoy these visualizations. And we'll keep adding more. So, if you see any you particularly like or dislike OR if you have suggestions or comments OR if you have or know of interesting data, please let me know.

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