Thanks to Andy Cotgreave for this post- you can see his other work at The Data Studio.

On Tuesday 7 December, the BBC is broadcasting a show called The Joy of Stats, presented by data-viz-hero Hans Rosling. It promises to be a show that takes viewers on a "rollercoaster ride through the wonderful world of statistics to explore the remarkable power they have to change our understanding of the world."

Many readers of this blog will already know of Hans Rosling. He is the man behind Gapminder. In their own words, their Trendalyzer software "sought to unveil the beauty of statistical time series by converting boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphics".

Creating this viz has been in parts simple, and in parts challenging. I hope you enjoy exploring the visualisation. On my blog at the Data Studio, I go into more detail about how I’ve built this view. I would be delighted to know your comments on this - what could be done to improve it, etc. You can also go to my blog to read about more Joy of Six wonders!


I have the pleasure to brief you on our Data Visualization software "Trend Compass".

TC is a new concept in viewing statistics & trends in an animated way by displaying in one chart 5 axis (X, Y, Time, Bubble size & Bubble color) instead of just the traditional X and Y axis. Discover trends hidden in spreadsheets. It could be used in analysis, research, presentation etc. In different business sectors, to name a few we have Deutsche Bank, NBC Universal, RIM, Vanguard Institutional Investor, Ipsos, Princeton University as our clients.

Link on Drilling feature (Parent/Child) - Just double-click on any bubble:

NBC presentation on TED using Trend Compass exported Videos on CNN Money/Fortune:

Link on our new Geographical Trend Compass (Earthquake in Japan - Mag vs Depth vs Time):

Link on Ads Monitoring on TV Satellite Channels.

Link on UK Master Card vs Visa performance :

Links on Funds:

Link on other KPIs :

Link on Chile's Earthquake (Feb 27th 2010):
Link on weather data :

Bank link to compare Deposits, Withdrawals and numbers of Customers for different branches over time:

Misc Examples :

Princeton University project on US unemployment :

A video presentation by Professor Alan Krueger Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University and currently Chief Economist at the US Treasury:

You can download a trial version. It has a feature to export EXE,PPS,HTML and AVI files. The most impressive is the AVI since you can record Audio/Video for the charts you create.

Video on Trend Compass:

Since we already develop 3D Virtual Reality applications, please find below a link on a prototype for a new 3D VR Trend Compass application: