Join Tableau's First-Ever Data Visualization Blog Carnival

Since beginning our blog 18 months ago, we've enjoyed the opportunity to share our thoughts on data visualization and visual analysis with all our readers. We've had a number of popular posts, ranging from an in-depth analysis of AdWords data to a more lighthearted take on Valentine's Day.

But some of the best contributions have come from our commenters, many of whom maintain their own blogs where they can elaborate in ever greater detail. Stephen Few's post Godin's Silly Rules for Great Graphs is a classic, as is Flowing Data's animation of Target's growth.

That's why we've decided to start a Data Visualization Blog Carnival. If you've written anything on data visualization or visual analysis, whether it's an in-depth how-to or just one single interesting chart, we want to see it! Feel free to include some words about why you think your viz is unique or noteworthy. Or just let the viz speak for itself.

Submit your blog post to our blog carnival through the form here. We'll link to the most interesting posts from across the web and feature them in an upcoming post.

[UPDATE] If you've got a cool viz that doesn't happen to be a blog post, that's fine! Just leave a link to it in the comments and we'll check it out.

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