Best of the Tableau Web... November 2014

What are we grateful for this month? A bountiful harvest of incredible blog posts! It was a bumper crop of Tableau tips and hints for everyone from the beginner on up to Jedi-level. So go ahead—tuck into this delightful spread of Tableau tips, tutorials, and clever hacks!

In my day job, I’m the customer story writer for Tableau. That means I spend most of my time hearing from customers across the globe about how they use Tableau.

One of my favorite things to hear about is how a customer went from their first trial download to becoming an experienced Tableau jockey. Almost every single customer mentions “the Tableau community” as a key part of this journey.

Image courtesy of data revelations

From the forums to Twitter to the Reddit /r/tableau subgroup—the Tableau community is absolutely filled with people ready, willing, and able to help other users. It’s something I got to see for myself this month as I read through dozens of thoughtful, insightful—and above all, helpful!—entries.

Tips & Tricks

VizNinja: A handy list of resources for icons, shapes, and flags to enhance your vizzes
Tableau Tinkering: Tinkering with Filtering vs. Hiding

Tableau Server

Tableau Love: Which EC2 instance type should I run Tableau Server on? Part two
The Information Lab: Exploring the Tableau Server database
Tableau Love: Dumping Tableau Server Permissions: The Story Can Now Be Told


Data + Science: Building a Dynamic Sankey Diagram made of Polygons in Tableau