New in Tableau Prep: Easy enterprise deployments and more data connectors

Say hello to easier enterprise deployment and more data connectors in the latest release of Tableau Prep—explore the new features.

We’re making enterprise deployments a cinch with silent activation and deactivation, new in Tableau Prep 2018.2.1. Also, it's easier to align mismatched fields in unions and to work with ISO 8601 dates. We’ve addressed some of the top customer ideas with new connectors for Snowflake, Apache Drill, Amazon EMR Hadoop Hive, Cloudera Hadoop, Hortonworks Hadoop Hive, MapR Hadoop Hive, and SparkSQL. And we’ve made a lot of user experience improvements, allowing you to group data, set up more filters, and take actions on fields in the data grid.

Let's see some of these improvements in action.

Silently activate and deactivate Prep

Deploying Prep on the hundreds and thousands of machines in an enterprise just got simpler with new command line options. Now you get a key management system just like Tableau Desktop, as well as silent activation and deactivation capabilities. Learn more here.

Use union summary to quickly align fields

When combining data from different sources, you often have to align or merge fields that might represent the same data but have different names. In the new Union experience, Tableau Prep provides a summary of the mismatched fields and recommends potential matches based on similar data types and field names, making it faster to align your data.

Work with ISO-8601 date parts

On the Ideas forums, many customers (particularly those in Europe) noted that they would like the ability to extract ISO-8601 date parts—especially for week numbers. Previously, this involved writing complex date calculations. Now, with native support in the calculation language, you can create a simple calculation to get the data you want: [Week Number] = DATEPART("iso-week",[Order Date])

Directly group and filter data values

We've also made grouping simpler and more direct. Select field values and right-click to group them or select a group and right-click to ungroup the field values. And you can create filters based on wildcard matches without writing a calculation! With the new wildcard filter, you can set up the filter and see your data instantly update so you can confidently create the filter you want.

These are just a few of the new features available in the latest Tableau Prep (version 2018.2.1).

See the full list of what’s new and try Tableau Prep today to quickly and confidently prepare your data.