The Tableau Exchange jumpstarts analysis with Accelerators

The Extension Gallery that you know and love is now the Tableau Exchange and it has an even greater mission. The Tableau Exchange is your one-stop-shop for offerings to jumpstart your data analysis to answer questions and get actionable data quickly. It’s where you can access trusted resources built by both Tableau and our third-party partners to help you see faster time to value, address a large variety of use cases, and ultimately realize a greater return on your Tableau investment.

You may already be familiar with Dashboard Extensions and Connectors that were in the Extension gallery.

  • Dashboard Extensions allow you to add functionality to your dashboards using web applications
  • Connectors enable Tableau to access additional databases and applications

Now, we’re expanding resources available to you by adding Tableau Accelerators. Formerly called Dashboard Starters, Accelerators include pre-built dashboards that help you dive straight into problem solving and create robust visualizations in minutes—even if you don’t consider yourself an analytics expert. We have over 200 Accelerators in over seven languages to help you get started fast for use cases across diverse departments, industries, and enterprise applications.

What are Tableau Accelerators? 

If you’re not already familiar with Tableau Accelerators, they’re pre-built dashboards and workbooks, created by industry and functional experts that are meant to help you bring analytics to your line of business, vertical, or sector. Rather than starting with a blank canvas, you can now start a dashboard with the operational problems, and find industry- or function-specific solutions that help you address them. These pre-built assets help improve KPIs across a host of industries.

Take our healthcare offerings, for example. We’ve added Accelerators that help you dig into metrics like patient wait time, the seasonality of admission rates, and readmission rates, and more. Beyond industry dashboards, we have a host of Accelerators related to a number of line of business functions like marketing, sales, and corporate finance. And of course, we still have Accelerators (formerly Dashboard Starters) that connect you to critical enterprise applications and cloud services like Salesforce, Marketo, LinkedIn, Service Now, among others.

Tableau dashboard showing the wait times by date and procedure.
Figure 1: Patient wait time dashboard created with the Visits - Wait Time Tableau Accelerator from the Diagnostic Related Group.

Tableau dashboard tracking website views, acquisition, referral sources, and most-visited pages.

Figure 3: Dashboard tracking website views, acquisition, referral sources, etc. created with the Web Traffic Tableau Accelerator.

How to get started with Tableau Accelerators

Accelerators are now live in the recently launched Tableau Exchange. To get started, simply navigate to From there you will be able to browse and filter by Tableau version, connection type, language, industry, or job function. The listings describe key information about how to use the dashboard, what business questions it can help you answer, required attributes, demo scenarios, or potential partners that can support customization to fit your needs. 

A view of the Tableau Exchange showing various accelerators, including Brand Performance, Service Account Management, Campaign Details, Campaign Overview, Performance Overview, InMail Overview, Product Utilization, and SSI Analysis.

Once you’ve found an Accelerator to jumpstart your analysis, download the workbook, and open it in Tableau Desktop. Now, you can view a version of the dashboard with sample data. Once you’re ready to swap out your data, select the Data Source tab and choose or search for the data source you want to connect to this workbook. If this is an enterprise application Accelerator, your own data will be populated for you by simply navigating to the Data Source tab and entering your credentials. See the Accelerators for Cloud-based Data article and other Tableau Help documents for more information. 

Our industry and line of business dashboards are set up to connect to your published data source already in Tableau. Don’t have one set up yet? Getting started is as easy as navigating to the Data Source tab, entering your credentials, and building your data source from there. Want to double check that you’ve got all the right fields? No problem. All our industry dashboards contain information about the required fields and their format already in the listing description. 

Bulleted list showing required fields or attributes for the dashboard, including Invoice Date (date), Hotel City (string), Traveler (String), and more.
Figure 5: Accelerator listing description showing required fields or attributes for the dashboard.

Still not feeling confident? Feel free to reach out to an industry partner who is listed in the Partners of Choice section on the Accelerator listing on Tableau Exchange. Partners can help you set up not only this dashboard, but also help you better understand what analytics can look like within your organization, supporting you with custom solutions and services.


A screenshot of the Partners of Choice listing with partner exchange information (e.g. Slalom or Lovelytics), to help you customize an Accelerator to your needs.
Figure 6: Example of Tableau Accelerator listing on the Tableau Exchange with partner information.


Screenshot of the Open Pipeline Tableau Accelerator listing on the Tableau Exchange.
Figure 7: Open Pipeline Tableau Accelerator listing on the Tableau Exchange.

Visit the Tableau Exchange to jumpstart your data analysis

Excited? So are we! Our vision for the Tableau Exchange is for it to extend the power of analytics with apps and expert support for everyone at your company. This integrated hub will fuel a world in which analytics is everywhere—adding Accelerators is just the tip of the iceberg. As you may have seen at Tableau Conference, Datasets will soon be available on the Tableau Exchange.

It’s an epic journey and we’re glad you’re on it with us. Head to the Tableau Exchange today to try out one of our Accelerators, Connectors, or Dashboard Extensions to answer questions—with actionable data—fast.


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