Upcoming changes to Tableau Operating System requirements

To ensure you have a secure analytical experience, we’re making an update to our minimum PC operating system requirements. Starting with Tableau version 2021.3 that will be released in the second half of 2021, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Bridge, Tableau Reader and Tableau Public running on Windows, will require Windows 8 and higher. Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7 in January of 2020, and no longer provides security updates or technical assistance. This Windows requirements change ensures you are using Tableau with a supported and secure operating system. These changes do not impact our MacOs, or server operating system requirements.

In conjunction, we will also be ending our support for Internet Explorer (IE) for accessing Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Public. Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser and supports Internet Explorer 11 only for backward compatibility. Since Tableau Server is fully compliant with Edge, we are aligning our browser specifications to this recommendation and will end our support for IE. This allows customers to take advantage of Edge's security and performance improvements.

Go to tableau.com/techspecs to see a complete list of supported technologies.

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