Hello, Tableau community! Welcome to my monthly round up of the best content being produced by you, the Tableau community.

Recently, I’ve noticed the emergence of people blogging about data culture and business transformation. Annabelle Rincon has been a long-time Tableau user, and recently started a new role heading up a Centre of Excellence at Vontabel. Her post about the beginning of this role is enlightening. The big question she asks herself is: should I be running a Centre of Enablement? I love this concept. “Excellence” implies that the people on the team are the talent-holders. “Enablement” implies that the skills are being passed outwards, throughout an entire company. She’s planning her role using Tableau Blueprint as a path to success.

Benjamin Du, from Interworks, also wrote a post around Blueprint. In his post, he identifies 5 red flags that should tell your Tableau implementation isn’t ideal. Custom SQL? Red flag. Reliant on Web Data Connectors? Another red flag. Data held on Sharepoint? One more red flag for you. Cubes? Have a flag, it’s red. JSON? There’s your 5th. Sure, there may be valid reasons for each of those, but if you are trying to implement analytics at scale, each one of these should be seen as indicator of trouble to come.

Finally, in the last month, we announced our new Tableau Zen Masters. Nearly 50% of this year’s Zen Masters are new—and for many—the content I’ve featured in these round ups helped get them into the program. After the Zens were announced, Mark Bradbourne (formerly an active community member, now at Tableau) wrote a great post about what it means to be a Zen Master. It perfectly articulates the kind of content I love the most: altruistic content made from the heart. The title of the post says it all: “If the title of Zen Master didn’t exist, would you still do all the things you do today?” Write about what you love, and your passion will make people sit up and take notice.

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