Second winner announced for Iron Viz TCE

Tableau Community,

As part of our routine audit of the Iron Viz results at Tableau Conference Europe in Berlin (TCE19), we found an error in the recording of the live audience voting on Twitter. With the corrected scores, we were looking at the closest contest in Iron Viz history. We knew the right thing to do was to recognize two champions. We are happy to announce that Anna Dzikowska joins Simon Stusak as a winner of 2019 Iron Viz Europe. Your audience votes ultimately made the difference since the judging was so close.

Closest contest in Iron Viz history

Anna is a first-time participant and relative Tableau newcomer. Hailing from Poland, she wowed the judges and the crowd with a viz that utilized the keys of a piano to playfully illustrate the predictive success of how the residents of certain countries have voted in Europe’s popular Eurovision Song Contest.

With this win, Anna becomes the first female Iron Viz Europe champion. Congratulations to both Anna and Simon for the historic viz-off!

We extend our deepest apologies to all the contestants, the judges, the staff, and to all of you. We spoke by phone with all of the contestants and they all responded very positively. The battle for whose viz reigns supreme has always been fierce and we are committed to getting the tallies right even in the madness of this exciting competition.

To show our gratitude for their amazing performances, we have extended the Iron Viz prize to all three contestants: Anna, Simon, and Tristan will each receive a free ticket to TCE 2020 London.

Can’t wait to see you all there for the next chapter of Iron Viz!

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