Best of the Tableau Web: Bilingual blogs, interactive color legends, cross database unions and more

Welcome to the March edition of Best of the Tableau Web: our monthly roundup of tips and tricks from our amazing community. This month, I wanted to highlight three blogs I’ve been enjoying:

  • Rosario Gauna is based in Mexico, and her posts are not only imaginative and helpful, but she also writes them in both Spanish and English!
  • I’m also enjoying Lorena Vazquez’s work. Her posts have fun titles (Data Source, Why You No Worky?) and she consistently writes fantastic content about Tableau Server, which is just as important as the “shiny” dataviz stuff.
  • Finally, I’ve been continually impressed by the UK’s Data School blog. The Data School is a four-month intensive Tableau-training program led by Zen Master Hall of Fame member Andy Kriebel. He encourages his students to blog about big and small ideas. What’s impressed me recently is the quality of the small tips that are easy to digest and apply. I recommend everyone take this approach: share your tips, both the simple and the complex.

With that, keep on blogging, and enjoy this month’s roundup:

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