Optimize and share your data prep flows with Project Maestro

Update: Project Maestro, now known as Tableau Prep, is here! Learn more here.

Your feedback and engagement in our last three Project Maestro beta releases has been incredible – thank you! Our premise for each release has been centered around making your data prep workflows successful and this release is no different.

We are making data prep easier than ever with new performance improvements. We've also revamped features that make cleaning your data, sharing your flows, and creating extracts more flexible and informative.

Mapping your values just got easier

With Project Maestro, you can manually group your sampled values or use one of the smart algorithms. And now you can edit values even when they're not part of your sample.

You know your data and can anticipate the values that might need to be grouped in the future. Maybe you don't sell in Vermont yet, but you will next month. Why wait to add Vermont to the appropriate sales territory, when you can add it now? Out-of-sample values are indicated with a red dot to make them easy to detect and add to your grouping.

More informative progress dialogue

Running your flow and outputting your data to an extract is an important part of your data prep workflow. Some data prep flows can take a long time to run for a variety of reasons, like the amount of data or complex calculations. For example, maybe you're working with millions of rows or joining dozens of tables. The progress dialogue outlines each step of the process including the number of rows generated in the extract, allowing you to track long-running flows at every stage.

Easier ways to share your flows and your data source

Who doesn't love a packaged workbook in Tableau (.twbx)? It consolidates your workbook and your data so you don't have to share multiple files. We're introducing a similar functionality for Project Maestro—allowing you to package your flows and data together in a .tflx file.

Publishing your output data up to Tableau Server or Tableau Online is also easier than ever with our revamped experience. Simply sign in and you're on your way!

If you want to show off your flows, post a .tflx to the Tableau Community forum!

Try the Beta!

We look forward to helping you with your data preparation challenges. To sign up for the beta, visit the Project Maestro page. Send us your feedback; we want to hear from you!

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