Project Maestro

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Complete view for immediate understanding

Visual and direct

Three coordinated views give a complete picture of your data. Interact directly with your flow, data profile, or row level data. The choice is yours, based on what you are trying to do. With direct interactions, you can fix problems on the spot and instantly see the results, across all three views.

Smart, so you can work faster

Advanced algorithms to empower you

Project Maestro automatically shows errors and outliers in data and employs fuzzy clustering to help you with the common, repetitive tasks like fixing spellings errors or reconciling entities across data sources. With smart defaults, it's easy to stay in the flow. Now you can spend less time on tedious and receptive data prep operations, and more time focused on your analysis.

Integrated with Tableau

Seamless integration between data prep and analytics

Project Maestro shares the same calc language and governance structure as the rest of Tableau, so you can get started easily. And with a streamlined sharing experience to Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online, you can quickly switch between data prep and analysis.