Tableau 10.1 beta is here

Hot on the heels of Tableau 10, we are excited to launch the Tableau 10.1 beta!

Tableau 10.1 includes new connectors and improved visual analytics capabilities to help you analyze your data even faster. For the enterprise, we’ve added big extensibility enhancements and more tools for server admins.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

JSON support

JSON is now a first-class file in Tableau. Connect directly to a JSON file, just like you’d connect to a CSV or an XLS file. Think about those great revelations hidden in your machine-generated data.

Connectors for marketing data

Tableau 10.1 packs a one-two punch for marketers with Marketo and Eloqua connectors. See your marketing operation in a whole new light.

Tableau 10.1 also includes a connector for Anaplan, the business-planning platform, plus a host of improvements to existing connectors.

Conditional subscriptions

Stay on top of your changing business. Receive email updates when data is present in your viz.

Mobile dev toolkit

Embedding Tableau vizzes into your custom mobile apps has never been easier. We’ve created a sample open-source app using the Cordova framework for developers to leverage and kickstart their mobile development effort.

Drill up on continuous date fields

Explore hierarchical data even faster. Drill up on continuous date fields and stay in the flow of your analysis.

Web authoring

Web authoring just got more horsepower. Easily sort using the toolbar, edit reference lines and bands, use interactions like show/hide headers, and resize the data pane.

Correlation and covariance

Quickly see the covariance and correlation of two fields with the new functions in the Tableau calculation language.

Want to stay up to date on the Latest from Tableau?

To stay up to date on the latest and greatest from Tableau, we’ve launched a new Coming Soon page with more details on all planned Tableau 10.1 features. We’ll update the site throughout the beta period with more info and videos.

When will Tableau 10.1 be released?

We are working hard to get Tableau 10.1 out the door, but first we need your input! We want your feedback as early as possible to catch any issues and ensure the new features are great. The features included in beta and in the final version of Tableau 10.1 may change over time as we get feedback from beta users.

Want to join the beta?

Check out our beta program to learn more and sign up. Not all functionality described above are available today. Some features will be added in the coming weeks. The beta program is available for existing Tableau customers. Customers with an active maintenance license can upgrade for free when Tableau 10.1 is released.

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