Viz Roundup: Airbnb Rates, British Monarchs, & Mass Shootings in the US

From sky-high Airbnb rates to the reigns of British monarchs, our talented Tableau Public community has found some interesting data to visualize in recent months. Here are the best of the best, curated from our #VizofTheDay feed!

Airbnb Prices in San Francisco

Brit Cava made a map of Airbnb prices in San Francisco, including average acceptance rates and prices by neighborhood. Note the average prices of some neighborhoods is more than $300. And it's a topical map, given Airbnb's embattled state with the city of San Francisco.

Brit attended the "Every Data Rockstar Needs a Stage" blogger panel at Tableau Conference 2015 and was inspired to send this in.

Aribnb prices Tableau viz

Monarchy in the UK

Peter Gilks visualized the many different reigns of UK monarchs using images that evoke the style of the era, complete with a rotating portrait of each monarch.

UK monarchs Tableau viz

The Peruvian Election

Peruvian newspaper El Comercio looked at the popularity of different presidential candidates in the 2016 election.

(Legend: dark green = Will definitely vote for candidate; light green = might vote for candidate; orange = will probably not vote for candidate; red = definitely will not vote for candidate; brown = Don't know the candidate; grey = NA)

UK monarchs Tableau viz

Mass Shootings: America's Gun Violence Problem

Andy Kriebel looked at gun violence in the US. Kriebel visualized just how frequently mass shootings take place in the US, and he used an appropriately macabre canvas.

UK monarchs Tableau viz

The Weekly News – Iron Viz 2015 Champion

This eye-catching viz was created by Shine Pulikathara in just 20 minutes, earning him the title of 2015 Iron Viz champion! Shine visualized a GDELT data set to examine global news coverage since January 2014. (Bonus: Shine shared, in 10 steps, what it takes to win Iron Viz.)

UK monarchs Tableau viz

We hope you enjoyed this roundup. Follow Tableau Public on Twitter to see every beautiful #VizofTheDay. Till next time!

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