Update: We are excited to announce that Tableau 9.0 is now available. To help you get the most out of Tableau 9.0, we've developed a number of resources to get you started.

Original Post: Many of you received emails Friday night letting you know that the Tableau 9.0 beta is out.

Several of the features in Tableau 9.0 were shown at the 2014 Tableau Conference. You can see the keynote presentation from TC14 here to get an idea of what’s coming out. There’s much more on the beta than we had time to show at the conference.

There have been some good initial reactions:

When will 9.0 be out?

When it’s done! We have a timeline for getting 9.0 out to production, but we like to get a lot of solid usage in beta and address critical bugs before going live. We aren’t putting out a date for the 9.0 release, but going to beta is a good step. Your input will be critical to tell us if the software is ready. We want your feedback as early as possible to catch any issues in the software and ensure that the new features are great.

Take note: changes to technical specs

As part of the 9.0 release, we’re discontinuing support for a few technologies:

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2003 R2

These technologies are no longer supported by Microsoft and it was time to say goodbye to them. If you’re on any of these products ,well, you’ll either want to stick with Tableau 8.2 or upgrade those technologies first before testing 9.0.

Get more beta

If you want to get into the beta, contact your friendly Tableau sales rep to get you added. We’d love to hear from you and give you a sneak preview of the upcoming release. Note that only existing Tableau customers are able to participate in the beta program. Customers with an active maintenance license will be able to upgrade for free when 9.0 comes out.

And watch the blog for lots more about 9.0 to come. The team’s been busy working on some great examples that showcase the new features in 9.0 the new level of detail expressions and the performance gains in 9.0.


Our organization was part of prior Beta tests and would like to be included on the 9.0 Beta testing if possible.



I didn't get the tableau 9.0 beta link.
Can you share with me.

Muni Muppaneni

Can you please also send me the links and logins to the v9.0 Beta.

Many thanks


I would also like to beta tester. Our organization moved very slowly to new releases so the sooner I can demonstrate why the new release its better the more likely we are too get it!

I am interested in being a beta tester as well for v9. I have participated in past beta testing as well and would like to this time also.

Hi Ellie,
Our organization would also like to participate in the beta program this time around. During past releases, our partner rep has arranged this for us - I reached out this time and got an auto-reply that she would be out of office until next week. Any way we can get our invite sooner? Thanks!

Hi Mike,

I can help you with access to the 9.0 beta. Would you please send me an email (jclough@tableausoftware.com) and I'll add you to the beta program? Thanks!

We would like to participate in the beta 9 if possible

Would love to have a copy of Beta 9.0!

I would like to be a part of this testing as my company is about to get into a deal with Tableau.

May I try the Tableau 9 beta please

I would like to try the Tableau 9 beta, too!

How do i become part of beta user group? Would like to try it out before we start using it here.

Hi all, please see comment by Jackie Clough above to get added, and happy beta'ing!

Hi folks, I would like to part of tableau 9.0 beta testing.
Thanks Jaipal.

I would like be part of Tableau 9 beta, too!

Looking forward to being able test it ! If you want to , feel free to contact me at http://adrienbayles.fr

I want to take part in testing Tableau 9.0

Would love a copy of Tableau 9.0 Beta!

would like be part of Tableau 9 beta, too!

if you have any room. I would like to help test your beta product aswell

I would like to test it as we are giving a demo this week to one of a largest retail clients. Kindly provide me the access.

I would like to be a beta tester as well

This is awesome!

I understand why you've removed support for IE7 but it's crazy. It's still incredibly "popular" especially on wall street and the city in London where investment banks simply don't upgrade every time Microsoft says so. If I (as an OEM partner) try to tell my clients that they have to upgrade their browser to use my product I'll be told exactly what I can do with myself.

We would love to add everyone to the 9.0 beta. Please help us test! Contact information does not show here for security reasons. For fast access to the beta program, please contact your Sales rep and let them know you want to be added to the 9.0 beta. I have a new beta release coming out and would really like to get your feedback on the new features. Thank you! Jackie

How can I be part of beta user group? Please can I be part of 9.0 beta testing, as I am already using 8.0. Enthusiastic to look at new changes..


We're so pleased to see so many people willing to join the beta!

Please contact your sales rep for more information--unfortunately any contact information you may post here does not show up for security reasons.

Thank you!

How do we do this then? Where do we send you the info?

Can you please include me for the beta testing. I have been using Tableau for 2 years now and really looking forward to the new enhancements after the customer conference.

How could I make to be part of the beta testing group?

I would like to be part of the beta testing group. The new changes seems very promising.

Can you please send me the beta link i am really excited to try it if given chance. I have been using Tableau from 7

My company and specially my area is doing a lot of effort to promote Tableau, some of that involves being on top of everything Viz and BI, I want to be part of the BETA 9!!!! Please!!!

I would love to participate in Tableau 9.0 Beta testing program.

I developed many applications( started with 7.0) tableau for my organization. I would love to participate in Tableau 9.0 Beta testing program.

Hi all,

It's great to see so much interest in the beta! For information on participating, please see Kathleen G.'s comment above. Thank you - and once again we greatly appreciate your willingness to help out!


I create dashboard with tableau everyday for my company; i would like to participate in Tableau 9.0 Beta testing program.

I develop tool using Tableau desktop for extensive data analysis in my organization. I want to participate in the Tableau 9.0 beta testing program

I would love to be a beta tester but I find it really difficult as I am the only analyst and I am publishing to tableau server. The workbooks can't be backwards compatible - which makes it so hard.

Love to test Tableau 9.0 Beta, possible to have a copy?

I would like to beta test 9.0

I am Tableau Visualisations on a daily basis, it would be really great to test drive the new beta 9.0

I would love to join Tableau 9 Beta Version. Please let me know if I can get an invite! Thank you!

We would like to test Rest webservices whether it is fully supported using Tableau 9 Beta Version. Please let me know if I can get an invite! Thank you

Hi Team,

Can i also have invite to Tableau 9 Beta version to test the limitation in Tableau 8.1.6


I would love to join Tableau 9 Beta Version. Please let me know if I can get an invite! Thank you!

I want to be invited in the release of 9.0 please!! I need it to improve my product offering

Sign me up for the 9.0 beta, please!

Please send me an email (jclough@tableau.com) to be added to the 9.0 beta program.

Thank you!


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