Demystifying the Data Behind Market Research

"Don't just turn out charts, you need to tell a story." Ernest Collings, Experience Executive at global market research agency MESH tells how Tableau transformed their client experience during his TC On Tour session in London.

Over the last 7 months, Ernie has been using Tableau at MESH and working closely with the data team to transform the way the business processes market research data.

MESH was founded in 2006 and has built their business by successfully helping brands understand consumer perception and behavior through market research. Data is part of the equation at every step of the market research journey. This data is collected from participants through online surveys and in Real-Time using mobile technology.

In this example MESH is looking at consumer engagement with the cartoon category across regions on Twitter:

The example above is just one way MESH relies on Tableau to provide accurate and insightful feedback to their clients. During his session, Ernie walked attendees through the agency's recent transformation from relying on an external data vendor to today handling their reporting and data analysis in-house.

Ernie outlined the challenges MESH faced before having in-house reporting and data visualisation capabilities.

During his session he gave attendees a better understanding of how Tableau is suited to market research and how it has helped grow their client base. Ernie and his colleagues now spend less time processing data and more time researching trends and consumer insights to help their clients stay ahead of the competition.

Throughout the session the theme of providing clear actionable data for clients emerged over and over. Tableau enables MESH to achieve this goal and integrate data even further into their consumer research capabilities.

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