Why Redbox is a TCC12 Game Changer

As a product of Gen-Y, I have been pretty spoiled in terms of growing up in a time of rapidly-emerging technologies. Barring the occasional fight with my laptop, these technological advancements have made my life much more convenient and exponentially more fast-paced. Because of this, I’ve become fascinated by disruptive innovators – in other words, companies that completely change the game and shock the market itself with a vastly different offering. My primary role at Tableau is to work with our customers as our Customer Care Coordinator. This means I get to hear about the cool things our customers are doing with Tableau while helping them share their success story via press releases, case studies, speaking engagements, etc.

There’s one customer in particular that, to me, is the definition of a disruptive innovator. Redbox emerged a few years ago, totally revolutionizing the way we rent videos and essentially becoming a household name overnight. Admittedly for personal reasons - namely a weekly date with my local kiosk - I was surprised and very excited to learn that Redbox will be speaking about its Tableau deployment at our 2012 Customer Conference. Whether or not they’ll grant me a free subscription for life is still to be determined (prognosis: doubtful), but I’m still looking forward to hearing from Redbox employees Matt James and Taly Kanfi speak about the role Tableau has played in Redbox’s incredible growth -- 2 billion disk rentals and more than 30,000 kiosks!


So while Redbox’s case appeals to my innovative side, there’s a plethora of other unique stories to be heard at TCC12. If you’re a social media-holic, the session with Facebook is for you. Galaxy geek? Check out the talk by SpaceX, the private company that’s preparing to launch civilians into space. Crime show addict? Don’t miss the Civic Data Showcase featuring presentations on police and cartels. If you’re at our customer conference in San Diego, be sure to stop by and introduce yourself – and let me know which session was your favorite.

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