Best of the Tableau Web... November 2012

At the end of each month, I will pull together a collection of links to the most relevant, innovative and interesting Tableau-related content I come across. If you follow me on Twitter (@acotgreave) you'll find these as I find them. This series is inspired by Andy Kirk's wonderful monthly visualisation round ups.

VizWiz - Dynamic Server pages in Powerpoint - Tableau tips
CNN Money - Interview with Tableau co-founder Pat Hanrahan - article
Tableau Friction - a script to pull images out of a TWB file - Tableau hacks
Tableau Friction - Fallacious oversimplicity, and why Tableau is great for exploration - Tableau Zen
VizWiz - URL filtering with Tableau Server - Tableau tips
The Information Lab - Using Tableau Public to learn Tableau - Tableau tips
The Data Studio - Analyse your Facebook data in Tableau - Tableau tips
Tableau Community - Shawn Wallwork shows how to extend Urban Mapping functionality - Tableau hacks
Tableau Community - Forums Weekly Digest #2 - a review of what's going on on the forums - Tableau tips
Fonseca Data Science - Improving YOY dashboards using Hidden data - Tableau tips
Tableau Friction - All the colour values Tableau uses - Tableau tips
DataRemixed - Ben Jones reviews our Tableau Customer Conference in San Diego - article
Jon B's Admissions Weblog - Tableau and Idea Blocks - article
Tableau Community - Shawn Wallwork shows how to change map layer opacity - Tableau hacks
Fonseca Data Science - Using Tableau Public for conversations with data - article
Interworks - using Table Calcs to hide parts of a Viz - Tableau tips
Drawing with Numbers - reflections on being a Tableau Zen Master - article
Interworks - An intro to some of the new features coming in Tableau v8 - article
Tableau Friction - a preview of a Ruby scripting tool to analyse how your dashboards are built - Tableau hacks
The Information Lab - Why is my dashboard so slow? - Tableau tips

Did you write something interesting this month and I missed it? Let me know on Twitter (@acotgreave) and I'll add you to next month's and also be sure to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed.

I'm going to try and do this every month. Don't expect links to Tableau Public vizualisations - Viz of the Day is for that. The list above is a digest of the conversations about Tableau.

(The blog thumbnail is by Flickr User Jelene.)

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