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Tableau Server 2023.3

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, which contains additional fixes.

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Tableau Server is not available for mobile devices. Please log in from a desktop computer to download.

This version was removed due to an issue identified in the Messaging Service.

Starting in September, 2023, fixed defects can be found on this site. Additional defect information is available at[sfcategoryfull]=Tableau.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

W-13143983 Inherited descriptions on Virtual Connections would not display in the Web Edit's Data Details pane.


W-13483869 The port number was missing in the Share View URL on Tableau Server when a non-default gateway port was used using version 2023.1.


W-13772508 After an upgrade to Tableau Server 2023.1.1 the reap-repository_garbage-records job would fail because of duplicate id (-1).


W-13841166 Data source information may display incorrectly and layer on top of "Fields in Use" when Data Details are viewed.


W-13114780 User attribute functions would return "null" values when sheets are reloaded using the Embed API.


W-13647718 After deleting unused Managed Keychain records, the workbooks and data sources which use the Managed Keychain were inaccessible.


W-13155441 A Site Export job could fail when the Comments table was being exported with the error "ERROR: null value in column 'created_at' of relation 'comments'".


W-13074713 Running an Identity Migration (either from and in-place upgrade or back-up restore), some users would fail during migration with a "No Match" error. The users would have usernames longer than 20 characters pulled from UPN prefixes.


W-12926461 Site export can fail if there are assets in the Tableau Personal Space with error "flow_run_spec_output_steps_flow_output_step_id_fkey".


W-12900190 The Data Server processes would fail to start after upgrading a Tableau Server cluster to 2022.1 or newer versions.


W-12867721 The column and row border thickness would differ between the Header and the Pane.

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Tue, October 24, 2023

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