Data and Analytics are Reshaping Retail

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With tight margins, volatile markets, and changing customer demands, retailers and wholesalers can’t rely on intuition alone to drive growth and adapt to change. They need data-guided insights. Retailers are turning to Tableau to give them the visual analytics insights to respond to the demands of the industry. Over 80% of the top 100 retailers and over 8,000 retail and consumer goods companies around the world trust Tableau to help them understand their data and take action.

12 Powerful Retail Dashboards

Are you just beginning to use dashboards to visualize your data? Or are you ready to supplement the dashboards you’re already using for an even broader understanding of your business? Wherever you are in your data analytics journey, actionable insights are essential to gain a competitive edge—and dashboards play a critical role in bringing those insights to life. In this whitepaper you will find a collection of dashboards that deliver, from product availability to digital content optimization. See for yourself how top retailers are using visual analytics for competitive advantage—and then test drive the dashboards and experience the power of visual analytics for yourself.

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Natural language generation enables store managers to identify and communicate key insights faster.

Visualizing waste provides powerful, actionable insights.

Anticipate product demand with on-demand weather and inventory data.

Identify product availability solutions that have the largest impact

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How Retailers are Using Tableau

Chipotle creates unified view of operations across 2,400 restaurants, saving 10,000 hours per month

HelloFresh boosts digital marketing campaigns, increasing conversion rates with Tableau.

REI stays competitive with clear customer insights for a personalized retail experience.

Why zulily created a self-service marketing analytics platform with Tableau and Google Big Query.

Allrecipes, the world’s largest digital food brand, uncovers marketing trends with Tableau.

Abercrombie & Fitch forecasts regional product inventory and improves customer service from screen to store

Customer service now has to be the center of everything we do, and we’ve got to be ahead of it before the customer even knows it. And Tableau is really making a difference in getting us there.

Customer Insights Webinar Series

Walmart & Coca-Cola join forces with Tableau as the unifying factor.

Learn how Chipotle developed and rolled out their most important KPI's to over 800 top leaders via Tableau dashboards.

Remove Data Analytics Bottlenecks: Best Practices from zulily.

Blue Bunny: Building high impact promotional pricing.

Allrecipes: Growing the world's largest digital food brand through data visualization.

Ovative: Measuring marketing impact from online-to-store.

AR is Real: See your marketing through augmented reality.

How Wayfair and Pepsi use visual analysis to drive business results

Learn from, Jeff Huckaby, Global Market Segment Director, Retail & Consumer Goods, for Tableau, and Lee Feinberg, Founder and President of DecisionViz, a Tableau partner, how visual analysis works, the advantages of the self-service model, and see examples of how retailers and CPG companies are using it successfully.

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How to successfully deploy retail analytics and drive results

Finding success in self-service analytics requires overcoming the data silos and the entrenched, static reporting practices that plague most retailers. To remain competitive, retailers must create a road map toward an analytics approach that enables line-of-business managers to quickly grasp trends that drive the business forward. To achieve that goal, it's important that retailers embrace the five key components of a successful self-service analytics strategy.

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The modern approach to business intelligence

Learn the 7 key areas of impact to evaluate when implementing a modern approach to BI.

How to build a culture of self-service analytics

5 steps to adopting the modern approach to enterprise analytics.