Retail Solution

Empower everyone with retail intelligence

Make smarter, faster decisions at scale leveraging real-time insights across the value chain.

Introducing data-driven retail intelligence

The Retail Intelligence Solution, in partnership with Salesforce and Snowflake, arms your locations with real-time, granular data that helps streamline operations, increase profits, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Maximize Performance with Store Analytics

Digitize store operations with in-store, real time data and analytics

Strengthen Vendor Relationships

Explore, analyze, and share large volumes of data with partners and suppliers in minutes

Automate the Restaurant

Optimize the kitchen and labor shortages with IoT analytics

Intelligent Fulfillment 

Optimize existing fulfillment channels, monitor performance, and predict omnichannel demand

Meet Shoppers Where They Are

Serve customers while maintaining a seamless, omnichannel shopping journey

Empower Associates to Assist from Anywhere

Empower employees to deliver insights-driven experiences from online to in-store

Transform restaurant operations with QSR analytics

Empower Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) with automation and smart technology that improves customer experiences and satisfaction. 

Download the eBook to learn how the Retail Intelligence Solution combines POS data and AI capabilities to empower QSRs to create a smarter, more connected and consistent restaurant experience.

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Smarter, faster decisions at scale

Manage inventory with confidence

Scale self service analytics with a single source of truth across store operations. Explore product sales, inventory, and department performance to strengthen vendor relationships and make data-driven decisions.

Drive actionable analytics, no matter the data

Take advantage of Snowflake's data sharing capabilities to better understand your customers. Explore third-party data, such as census and demographic information to optimize inventory and product offerings at the store-level.

92% of organizations are failing with analytics at scale

25% of retailers report that SKU promotion performance is only shared weekly


Accelerate retail transformation in a digital first world

Put customers at the center of everything you do, and deliver the connected experiences they expect.

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Faster decisions, at scale

Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single and seamless experience across multiple public clouds

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The teams at Tableau, Salesforce and Snowflake are committed to helping global retailers enable real-time analytics and improve performance across the value chain.

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