Modern Cloud Analytics

Modernize your analytics platform with Tableau on AWS

Data and analytics have become a competitive differentiator and a primary source of value generation across many organizations. With the size and complexity of data today, the technologies and methodologies of the past are no longer applicable for maximizing the value of your data.

Modern Cloud Analytics (MCA) combines the resources, technical expertise, and data knowledge of Tableau, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and our respective partner networks to help you maximize the value of your data and analytics investments and your end-to-end analytics journey. From strategy, to migration, to operations, this collaboration helps you securely deploy and scale your cloud analytics practice without compromising data integrity, governance, or security.

Modern Cloud Analytics Webinar Series

AWS + Tableau Cloud: Modern Cloud Analytics

Introducing our Modern Cloud Analytics Webinar series with AWS. Watch this session to learn how the cloud offers opportunities to take your focus away from maintaining, backing up and updating your on-premises BI systems and put more energy into making your data work for real business success.

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Modern Cloud Analytics in Action: Keyrus and Red Ventures

Introducing the second webinar in our series: "Modern Cloud Analytics in Action: Keyrus and Red Ventures." Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Red Ventures migrated to the cloud thanks to Keyrus' specialized approach, and what they gained with Modern Cloud Analytics.

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Analytics move to the cloud

Hear industry experts from Forrester, AWS, and Tableau share market insights and industry trends on what digital transformation means for analytics in the cloud.

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Deploy, Scale and Connect with Tableau & AWS

We announced some of our newest features and joint-integrations at 2021 AWS re:Invent and now you can take a look at our demo recordings of our latest connectors and deployment capabilities!

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Understand Trends

IDC Infobrief: Cloud Business Intelligence and Analytics

IDC research examines the benefits and value that modern cloud analytics can bring to enterprises. Read this IDC Infobrief, sponsored by Tableau and AWS, to learn about key trends to support your business case for modernizing your analytics in the cloud.

Plan for Success

TDWI Checklist: The Modern Data Warehouse and Analytics Stack

Modernizing your analytics can be done in many ways, requiring critical decisions around analytics cloud infrastructure. Read this TDWI Checklist Report to learn six keys in planning for success in the modern data warehouse and analytics stack.

Learn more about our migration partners

Enterprises migrating their analytics applications and data infrastructure to AWS require expertise, resources, and alignment of business and IT strategy. Many organizations can accelerate their migration and time to value through working with a consulting partner validated by both Tableau and AWS. The Tableau and AWS Modern Cloud Analytics Program focuses on helping customers migrate data and analytics workloads to AWS to realize the benefits of a cloud-based analytics strategy. The following partners have been validated by both Tableau and the AWS Competency Program, and have each established MCA-based programs which assist customers in the migration process, delivering:

  • Faster time-to-value for Tableau deployments: Leveraging the power of the AWS Cloud to lower operational costs, reduce time in application scaling, and optimize Tableau subscription-based licensing with flexible AWS compute resources.
  • Validated migration processes to mitigate risk: Tableau and AWS are equipping MCA partners with new prescriptive migration guidance, application architecture, Quick Starts, tooling, and operating models to improve the customer migration experience.
  • Customer programs to reduce cost: Tableau and AWS investments in MCA partners to offer assessments, proof-of-concepts, and deployment/support services to cost-effectively migrate Tableau to AWS.


Deploying Tableau on AWS was a transformative, enterprise-wide exercise for us. Tableau on AWS provides next-generation architecture and analytics capabilities that allowed us to rapidly scale Tableau across our organization. As a result, we’re more operationally efficient, we improved our strategic programs and partnerships with evidence-based decision-making, and we’ve sharpened our ability to support improved learner outcomes.

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Together, AWS and Tableau create a powerful cloud analytics platform. You can perform every step of the analytics journey: data collection, transformation, storage and analysis, at enterprise scale with AWS and Tableau products. Get started today to see for yourself.

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