On-Demand Webinar

Modern Cloud Analytics in Action: Keyrus and Red Ventures

The cloud offers new opportunities to save you time and money, allowing you to shift focus from maintaining growing servers and upgrading infrastructure to making your data work for you and the success of your business.

Watch the webinar and Q&A to learn how AWS, Tableau and Keyrus worked together to help Red Ventures migrate to a powerful cloud BI tool that created new pathways for success and a modern data culture.

Watch now to learn: 

  • Why now is the right time to migrate to the cloud
  • What you gain with Modern Cloud Analytics
  • Keyrus' specialized approach to migrating from Tableau Servers to Tableau Cloud 
  • An open Q&A with Red Ventures about their migration journey and how cloud analytics is transforming their business

If you haven't yet watched our first webinar in this Modern Cloud Analytics series, you can view AWS + Tableau Cloud: Modern Cloud Analytics here!



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