Tableau 10.5


Deploy at scale with new security and governance features

Tableau 10.5 provides more deployment flexibility with Tableau Server for Linux. The same Tableau Server you know and love, now on Linux. Additionally, easily roll out Tableau Desktop updates across your organization without facing compatibility issues with improved workbook compatibility. Tableau Desktop is also now compatible with non-persistent virtual desktop environments making it simple to deploy Tableau at scale.

Tableau Server on Linux

The same Tableau Server you know and love, now on the operating system of your choice. Integrate and optimize your current processes and workflows to make the most of your internal infrastructure. Install on any of the supported distributions (RHEL 7 , CentOS 7, Oracle Linux, or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), and choose the authentication method that makes sense for your organization.

With Tableau Server on Linux you can change the number of backgrounders, VizQL, & application servers without requiring a restart. Plus don't forget, you'll have access to your favorite Linux tools - think Bash and Yum.

Improved workbook version compatability

Now you can revert your workbooks to an older version with improved workbook version compatibility. Other users in your organization can open and edit a workbook even when they aren't using the latest version of Tableau Desktop (down to Tableau 10.2).

Tableau Desktop deployment improvements

Automated Desktop license activation

Mass deployments of Tableau Desktop just got easier. Now you can automate Desktop license activation at install time.

Expanded virtual desktop support

Easily manage your Tableau license keys across non-persistent virtual machines. Licenses will expire and be added back to your license pool for reuse.

Enterprise enhancements

Improved error context for Tableau Server

Triage and diagnose Tableau Server errors faster with better error categorization. Additional error context and session ID are now included in logging providing better traceability.

Customized user profile pictures

Personalize your Tableau profile. Choose and upload the profile picture you want, not just the photo supplied by Active Directory.

Mobile updates

Android improvements

Your favorite vizzes are now available as high-resolution images that you can swipe through, even when offline. Improved performance means your vizzes will load faster in the Android app.

iOS improvements

New proxy authentication enhancements for iOS include support for more environments and improved re-authentication support.