Tableau 10.5


A blazing fast experience with Hyper and new connectors

Tableau 10.5 delivers Hyper, our new patent pending data engine technology. Hyper brings fast extract refreshes and query performance to large or complex data sets. But it doesn't stop there, we’ve also added a new Box connector to make it easier to analyze your data in the cloud.


Hyper is Tableau’s new in-memory data engine technology, designed for fast data ingest and analytical query processing on large or complex data sets. With up to 3X* faster extract creation, you always have the latest data. Up to 5X* increase in query performance keeps you in the flow. Upgrading to Hyper is seamless; you can simply upgrade to Tableau 10.5 and no data migration is needed.

*Performance compared between Hyper and TDE using a mix of scenarios designed to reflect common customer uses cases. Customer results will vary.

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Analyze data from Box with a few clicks and get the latest data synched securely from the cloud.

Tableau Bridge improvements

Our updated Tableau Bridge client UI makes it easier to manage the client itself and connections from Tableau Online to your on-prem data. We’ve also made changes under the hood including making your Tableau Bridge clients more reliable by automatically removing old logs.