Tableau 10.4


Simplified data access for everyone

We’ve put more smarts in more places. Powered by machine learning, data source recommendations help you sort through the noise to find the data source that is right for your analysis. Plus, we’ve added a new Denodo connector and more authentication options for Spark SQL and Presto, giving you greater access to all of your data, no matter where it is.

Data source recommendations

Start your analysis faster with the right data. Tableau uses machine learning to recommend existing data sources based on your organization's data source usage metrics. It's now easier to find the right data source for your analysis.

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Tableau fits seamlessly into your data virtualization strategy. With the new Denodo connector you can instantly connect to data that you've virtualized with Denodo.

Connector improvements

Extract data from SAP BW

Quickly see the results as you create and interact with your viz. You can now use extracts with SAP BW for better analytical performance.

Presto connectivity with LDAP

Connect to Presto securely, thanks to version 0.167 compatibility using LDAP.

Connect WDCs to Spatial Data

Now your WDCs can import spatial data by connecting directly to GeoJSON including points, lines, and polygons. Things are definitely shaping up.