Tableau 10.5

Visual analytics

Ask deeper questions with new visual analytics capabilities

Capabilities that make answering questions addictive. Engage with your data on a new level and bring details-on-demand to your dashboards with Viz in Tooltip. Use drag-and-drop power trend lines to better understand power relationships between variables.

Viz in Tooltip

Engage with your data at a deeper level and maximize dashboard real estate with Viz in Tooltip. Hover over a mark to display details-on-demand while staying in context of the original view.

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Power trendlines

Better understand power relationships between variables with drag and drop power trendlines, bringing light to your physics, biology, astronomy, economics data, and more.

Smooth Tooltips for Mobile

By long pressing and dragging across marks you'll be able to see tooltips work on mobile and tablet.

Mapping updates

Geocoding Improvements

We've added better geocoding support for cities in Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America. US postcodes have been updated with this year's most recent data.