Tableau 2018.1


Download 2018.1

Deploy at scale with new security and governance features

Easily share across different versions of Tableau in your organization with the ability to downgrade workbooks from Tableau Server and Online. Manage Tableau permissions with Okta for Tableau Cloud.

Downgrade workbooks from Tableau Server and Online

It's easier to work across different versions of Tableau. You can now download workbooks to work with an older version of Tableau Desktop (down to Tableau 10.2).

Auto-sync Identities with SCIM

Synchroniseer automatisch identiteiten met SCIM voor Tableau Online

Stroomlijn het proces voor gebruikersmachtigingen door automatisch te synchroniseren met bestaande systemen voor ID-beheer in de cloud. Verleen of verwijder naadloos toegang tot Tableau door gebruikers te machtigen in OneLogin.

Easier connector driver installation

Get to your data faster. Receive an upfront notification if you need to install a driver to connect to a specific data source from Tableau Desktop. Click the url to find and install the driver you need to get started with your data.

WCAG 2.0 conformant toolbars

The most commonly used functionality in the viewing toolbar on Tableau Server and Tableau Online is now WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. Customers who use screen readers, braille keyboards, and keyboard-only navigation now have more control over their Tableau experience.