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Remove Data Analytics Bottlenecks: Best Practices from zulily

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Moving to self-service analytics with Tableau and Google BigQuery

Zulily is a $1.5B fast-growing e-commerce company obsessed with bringing women special finds every day. Zulily launches more than 9,000 product styles and 100 new events daily, converting thousands of customers and processing millions of user actions. To continue growing user acquisition and optimize the customer experience, Zulily’s marketing team needed to accelerate the time it took to move from data to decision to deliver the right message at the right time to every customer.

In order to achieve these goals, Zulily removed the bottlenecks from the data and analytics process by developing a self-service marketing analytics platform leveraging the Tableau integration with BigQuery. This platform creates a single view of the data across various marketing touchpoints including Facebook, Google Ad data, E-mail data, clickstream, product catalog, and order transaction in order to bring marketing analysis and data science to the forefront of daily business decisions.

This session will provide a comparison of BigQuery to traditional enterprise data warehousing platforms and show examples of machine learning enabled by Tableau and BigQuery. You will learn about how zulily marketing leverages data science and analytics to drive customer growth, Lifetime Value (LTV) and retention to positively impact marketing performance down to the bottom line, enabled by their their transition to self-service analytics. You will see demos of marketing analytics in use at Zulily and walk away with practical guidance and best practices for extending Tableau with BigQuery and the Google Cloud Platform.

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About the speakers

Sasha Bartashnik

Marketing Analytics Manager, zulily

Riley Maris

Sr. Product Marketing Specialist
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