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How to Visualise Your Love of Music

Our love for music is woven into our societal DNA. Behind each of your travel playlists, workout tunes, and house-party hits lies a personal music story.

Bu what if you could use data and visual analytics to dig deeper into your listening habits and discover insights into your own music story? In this live webinar we'll share exactly how you can visually analyse and better understand your own music listening data with Tableau.

Watch now to learn how to:

  • Connect to Spotify and a variety of music data sources
  • Fine tune your music data with Tableau Prep
  • Discover fascinating insights into your listening habits
  • Produce chart-topping dashboards to share with the world

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About the speakers

Scott Teal

Senior Product Marketing Specialist - Tableau

Tracy Rodgers

Product Marketing Manager

Skyler Johnson

Data Viz Designer | Spotify
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