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The Beatles Lyrics that Defined Generations

The Beatles wrote some of the most beloved songs of all time. But which Beatle wrote the most hits? Adam McCann analyzes the songwriters and their lyrics to find out.

Adam E. McCann | Dueling Data
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Describing Spotify Playlists with Emojis

Emojis are universal symbols of emotion. And at the end of the day, they’re just plain fun. Skyler Johnson digs into Spotify playlist data to see how people describe artists that rock.

Skyler Johnson | Spotify
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The Secret Sauce In Spotify’s Top Tracks

Why are some songs more popular than others? And what is it about a song that makes it a hit? Pooja Gandhi explores the hidden elements in Spotify’s top tracks.

Pooja Gandhi | Pluralsight

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Peaks in Prince’s Purple Reign

A career that last four decades is sure to have some spikes and dips. Shawn Levin investigates Prince’s hits from his first single to his last.

Shawn M. Levin | Temple University
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Agencies Behind K-Pop’s Biggest Stars

K-Pop is taking the world by storm with a long list of superstars and the labels that support them. Jay Yeo digs into the data behind K-Pop’s most popular groups.

Jay Yeo | TangibleVitz
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40 Years of World Tours with The Cure

The Cure has toured in over 400 cities since 1979. To this day, they still sell out shows. Nina Lindell digs into the band’s tour routes and setlists.

Nina Lindell | Sparks

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The Greatest Metal Albums of All Time

With high energy and galloping guitar riffs, heavy metal’s distinct style made its mark on the world. Sean Miller analyzed elements in metal albums that stand the test of time.

Sean Miller | Cerner Corp
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50 Years of Fleetwood Mac

In Fleetwood Mac’s 50-year run, band members have come and gone. Ken Flerlage analyzes how different members shaped the band’s discography and album sales.

Ken Flerlage | Bucknell University
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