Webinar Series

Data + Music

Explore the data behind the music we love

Music is a part of our identity. It defines us and unifies us. The Data + Music webinar series brings together the very best visual analytics experts from across the globe to explore the data behind the music we love. Register now for the below live webinars to see Tableau in action visually analysing data behind your favourite music artists to unlock a number of fascinating insights.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
How to Visualise Your Love of Music
See how you can use visual analytics to transform your own music data into hit insights and chart-topping dashboards.
45 min
Visualise Music Patterns with Data
See what happens when music data meets Tableau.
33 min
How to Win Europe's Favourite Song Contest
Discover how Tableau can unlock Eurovision's biggest secrets.
45 min
Visualise the Evolution of Country Music
Learn how to use Tableau's clustering algorithm and Spotify API connection to visualise the evolution of country music.
43 min