Tableau + Salesforce at Dreamforce '15

Join Tableau as we bring our revolutionary business intelligence software to the world’s largest cloud ecosystem, Dreamforce ’15.

Spend time with our Data Dream Team at the Cloud Expo – Booth N1823, Moscone North – where we’ll show how quickly and easily Tableau connects to sales data with our direct connection to Demonstrate your data visualization skills by participating in our booth contest “Find Your Sales Data in Tableau” and you might win a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker or one of our legendary Data Rockstar tees!

Want an extended Tableau demo, have questions about Tableau + Salesforce or just want extra time with us while at Dreamforce? We can help with that – you can schedule a meeting or private demo with a Tableau team member

Meet with us at Dreamforce

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With Tableau, we're able to hook up directly to Salesforce data and see our opportunities and manage forecasting. That's where I'm seeing 'ah-ha' moments, where they say, "I've never seen our Salesforce data in this perspective before!"

Let’s Talk Data

Add these sessions to your Dreamforce Agenda Builder and learn from Tableau experts how to get the most out of your Salesforce data:

Tuesday, 9/15/2015, 11:30 AM, Palace Hotel - Twin Peaks
Use the Data You’ve Got – Better Analytics Mean Better Sales

Getting data to your sales team can make them smarter. Smarter sales teams make more sales and keep customers happier. But if you have to move all your data before you can use it, you’ll never see results. In this session you’ll see what a sales force looks like on data.

  • How to put data into the flow of daily business
  • Enabling large teams with data
  • Blending Salesforce data with other business data to get mad insights
  • How to put new sources of data to work immediately
  • There’s treasure in Salesforce data. From visibility into your pipeline to insight on which opportunities to prioritize, your sales data’s got the stuff. Go dig it out with best practices from customers and a set of tools and templates.

    Mike Roberts, Director of Data Analytics, Pluralsight
    Ellie Fields, Vice President, Product Marketing, Tableau
    Ozgu Tokgoz, Operations Principal Architect, Tableau

    Learn about sales analytics

    Thursday, 9/17/2015, 10:30 AM, Cloud Expos-Partner Theater North 2
    Tableau + Salesforce – Your Pipeline Never Looked so Sexy

    Whether you’re drilling into your sales pipeline or dissecting your lead funnel, seeing what's real and what isn’t is critical. How often do you end up needing additional data to tell the whole story though? Come see a demonstration of how Tableau helps Salesforce customers:

  • Rapidly blend data into pipeline, lead flow and support analytics
  • Embed visualizations right into Salesforce to drive in-the-moment decision making.
  • Paul Lilford, Senior Director, Technology & Market Intelligence, Tableau

    Ready to Start Analyzing Your Sales?

    Connect to your sales data in 3 easy steps: 1) Download a free trial of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server or Tableau Online, 2) Learn how to connect to Salesforce, and 3) Visit our Sales Analytics page for customer stories, whitepapers, webinars and resources to help you get started:

    Download your free trial

    See the visualization
    See the visualization

    Learn more about Tableau and Sales Analytics

    The use cases for flexible sales and CRM analytics are too varied and diverse to show on a single page, but don’t worry, we have plenty more to share.