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Armed with Data - The New Way to Sell

"Where is the low hanging fruit?" is the question every sales rep is asking.

Sales organizations are faced with an overwhelming amount of data – CRM data, market data, business and industry data. Most of this information is incomplete, out of date, or in various disconnected sources, making it difficult to leverage. As a result, sales reps spend a significant amount of time trying to decide what to do next.

Watch this webinar to hear how Encompass Group, LLC has tackled this sales challenge. You’ll see the daily dashboard they have implemented that has enabled the sales team to better manage their territories and pipeline.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Deliver deep territory insight that is digestible and easy to access
  • Blend purchase trends with market data to identify account expansion opportunities
  • Enhance pipeline management and provide more accurate forecasting
  • Map sales trends by region and product to optimize and align resources

Watch this webinar to learn how analytics can enable smarter selling and help sales close more business faster.

About the speakers

Brian Cronin

Data Visualization Expert, Encompass Group LLC

Dustin Smith

Product Manager, Tableau
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